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11 - 12
1 - 3

Waldorf Star Kids 7+
Basic Knitting Kids 7+


7 - 9

Glass with Class

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11 - 12
1 - 3

Waldorf Star Kids7+
Basic Crochet Kids 7+



1 - 4

Bead a Goddess



1 - 4

Bugs at Full Spectrum Art Glass



1 - 3

Glass with Class



10 - 12
1 - 3

Airbrush 101
Airbrush Experience



1 - 4

Crochet w/ Beads


1 - 4

Bead a Goddess



10 - 12

Mug Art Kids 12+

Airbrush Classes

Hands-on with all equipment
and supplies provided!

We provide Iwata Eclipse Airbrushes and ComArt Paints

Airbrush Experience: Just for the Fun of it!

Get a quick introduction to the airbrush.
Use the provided airbrushes, supplies, and paints.
Create your own airbrushed art piece to take home.

Sample Projects from Airbrush Experience

sdgf Sample Airbrush Experience Project by Tom Grossman dfsg adfg

$45 per Student


Aug 19   1 - 3 pm

Reservations 719-375-8478

Group Rates! Private lessons. Special Scheduling!
We can work with your design, too!
Book a Party today!

Airbrush 101: Basic Airbrush Operation
and Maintenance

  • Learn about airbrush types, air sources,
    and paint choices.

  • Learn and practice control exercises.

  • Learn basic cleaning and maintenance.

$45 per student.

Aug 19, 10 am- 12 pm

Reservations 719-375-8478

Ask about Group Rates
and Special Scheduling


Basic Knitting with Cambria Milner

Have you been wanting to try knitting?
Learn and practice basic knitting stitches.
all equipment and supplies provided.

2 hour class $20 kids 8 and up.

July 27    1 - 3 pm

Basic Knitting with Cambria Milner

Aug 8    1 - 3 pm

Group Rates available.
Email or call 719-375-8478 for more info.

Basic Crochet with Cambria Milner

Learn and practice basic crochet stitches.
All equipment and supplies provided.

2 hour class. $20 Kids 7 and up. Full at 12 students

Aug 10  1 - 3 pm

Basic Crochet Class

Call for more info. Group Rates available.
Email 719-375-8478

Crochet with Beads with Maxine Grossman

BEad Crochet Bracelet Class at Humming Line Gallery

Learn to bead crochet with pony beads and yarn Maxine provides.

Create your own bead crocheted bracelet in colors you choose.

July 19 1 - 4   August 23 1 - 4

$25 class fee

Students bring a
size 5 or 6 crochet hook

Crochet with Beads Dates

$12 bead kit

or bring your own!


beads, needle and thread

Call for Reservations. Group rates available
719-375-8478 Email for more info.
Book a Party today!

Bubble Bugs with Maxine Grossman

Bubble Bugs by Maxine Grossman at Humming Line Gallery

Create your own Bubble Bug from one of Maxine's
hand blown lampwork bubbles!

Provided by Maxine:

  • Lampwork Bubble for Body.
  • Beads for eyes. Buttons for wings.
  • Wire & hot glue sticks
  • Huge collection of glass beads for your enjoyment.

Students bring:


Group Rates available.
Email for more info.

Mug Art for Kids 12 and up


In this 1 hour class, kids 12 and up will decorate their own mug
All supplies, materials and a blank white mug are provided.
Students get the mug after it's baked.

Group discounts available. Book a Party Today!

1 hour class $25 per student 12 and up. 8 students max.

July 22    11 am - 12 pm

Mug Art Times and Dates

Aug 26    11 am - 12 pm

Call for Reservations Group rates available
719-375-8478 Email for more info.

Glass with Class for students 21 and up

Glass with Class wine glass at Humming Line Gallery gfdsg

Have some fun classing up a small bowl and wine glass.
Class starts with warming up on a little practice bowl.
Then, on to a classy wine glass!
Bowl and glass are yours after baking.

Great for lady’s night out, a gathering of friends,
team building, or birthday parties.
Bring your own wine for a fun filled party.

Ask about our group discounts.
Book a Party Today!

Two Hour Class   $30.00 per 21 + student. 8 max

July 18   7 - 9 pm

Glass with Class Times and Dates

Aug 18    1 - 3 pm

Aug 24    7 - 9 pm

Call for Reservations. Group rates available
719-375-8478 Email for more info.

Bead a Goddess with Maxine Grossman

Start with your favorite Glass Goddess Form!

Decorate with beads and more from the class collection.

Bring your own goodies, too.

Provided by Maxine:

Students bring:

  • Your favorite Glass Goddess blank.
  • Wire & hot glue sticks
  • Collection of beads, buttons and more for your enjoyment.

  • Wire Cutters. Need cutters?
  • Wire 26g, 22g, 28g. Colors of your choice.
  • Your own charms, broken jewelry, beads, and stones.

August 16   1 - 4 pm
Basic $40
Fancy $50
Deluxe $55

Goddess Choices

Call for Reservations Group rates and scheduling available.
719-375-8478 Email for more info. Book at Party Today!

Waldorf Star with Cambria Milner KID'S CLASS!

Waldorff Star with Cambria Milner at Humming Line Gallery

Join us to make Waldorf Stars.
These lovely paper stars look great in the window with sun shining through.
You will learn how to fold stars and will get to go home with 3 complete stars.
This one hour class is ideal for students 7 and up.

All supplies and materials provided.

Waldorf Star

$15 per student Class full at 12.

July 27 11 am - 12 pm

Waldorf Star Dates and Times

Aug 8 11 am - 12 pm

Aug 10 11 am - 12 pm

Call for Reservations 719-375-8478 Email for more info.


Iwata Artool and Comart at Humming Line Gallery
  • Iwata airbrushes, PARTS,
    compressors and accessories

  • Artool Free Hand Templates

  • Comart Paints

Best Prices in Colorado Springs!

Try before you buy!

Email or call 719-375-8478 for more info.

4851 Barnes Rd
Colorado Springs 80917

Tues - Fri 10 - 5 PM     Sat 10 - 4 PM   and by appointment

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