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Chad E Keith     Sketches by Chad Eric Keith

Chad Eric Keith at Humming Line GalleryChad E KEith at Humming Line Gallery

I was born in Colorado Springs, CO. My passion for drawing began as a young child.
I pursued art in secondary school, taking as many classes as I could as well as a
few private lessons. I attended a liberal arts college, Western State, in Gunnison,
CO for one year.

Having limited income and self-paid tuition, I changed paths. I began working at
the Craftwood Inn in Manitou Springs, CO, a fine dining wild game establishment,
where I worked for almost 10 years. Taking on a different passion of art, I worked
my way up the ranks and left as Sous Chef.

During the next 10 years I traveled to Minnesota, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania,
working as Chef in many different environments. Meanwhile, I continued to sketch,
never abandoning my first passion and bringing what I learned from the kitchen and
applying it to a different palate.

I believe expression of art, on a plate or canvas, offers creativity, captivation,
and emotion. As a chef, I had afforded the guest with excitement, pleasure
and satisfaction. As an artist I desire to provide the viewer with sensuality,
inspiration, and enchantment.

When residing in San Antonio, I was a member of the Boerne Professional Artists, and
the San Antonio Art League Museum. I was also an active volunteer for Inspire Fine
Art Center and taught drawing classes through the Health and Wholeness
Center at the Benedictine Sisters Monastery in Boerne, Tx.

Currently in Colorado Springs, CO, I am the Chairman of Demonstrations for the Colorado Springs Art Guild, Class Coordinator for Sheppard Arts Institute and Curator for Southern Colorado Veterinary Internal Medicine Specialty Hospital. ​ ​ ​

Pet Portraits by Chad E Keith at Humming Line Gallery
Golden Petals by Chad E Keith at Humming Line Gallery
Untroubled Camera by Chad E Keith at Humming Line Gallery
Love Birds by Chad E Keith at Humming Line Gallery
Hibiscus by Chad Keith at Humming Line Gallery

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